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Artfrik’Home offers a large range of furniture and accessories all designed and crafted in Africa. The artists use different kinds of wood, materials, and skills to achieve the final piece. The chief-pieces displayed in the Gallery-store are the result of a new trend of African art. The incredible diversity and creativity of the continent offer us enormous possibilities. This let us give a shape to the interior of our dream and a soul to our living space.

ARTFRIK' HOME is a cultural bridge between Africa and the Occident. We, as citizens of the world must share the richness of art and creativity so that everyone can afford it. ARTFRIK' HOME selects with care quality pieces going from carved furniture, to paintings, including jewels. The talented craftsmen carve and work all the items in Africa with local matters. That makes them unique pieces.

Our Manufacturer Furniture Products

Crafted Bench

Price: $4320.00

African Bar

Price: $8000.00

Palaver chair

Price: $575.00

Coco Ice Ebony

Price: $180.00

Tea Bamboo set

Price: $3025.00

Sculpted Armchair

Price: $2125.00

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Our More Collection

Planters Couple Statues

Price: $2050.00

Elephant Baoule Mask

Price: $1325.00


Price: $2100.00

Cowries river

Price: $336.00

Checkerboard bag

Price: $60.00